3 Hot Innovations for Cyber Week 2018

With Cyber Week 2018 fast approaching, we decided to write a series of blogs especially for the occasion – here is the first.  

Many exciting companies are participating in Cyber Week, and it can be hard to know where to look. But the bounty of innovative cybersecurity solutions that are presented at Cyber Week begs the question: With the hundreds of cybersecurity technologies out there, how do you bring them all together?  

That’s where Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) come in. Managed Security Services helps you leverage the cutting-edge capabilities represented by each of these innovations – integrating multiple, state-of-the-art technologies to create a single, holistic cybersecurity perimeter. Today, next-generation MSSPs are the only players who invest sufficiently in big data-based solutions, machine learning algorithms, and actionable intelligence  and who employ experts with the right skillset and expertise – which, together, provide a solution to the challenges associated with the exponential expansion of alerts and incidents. 

So without further ado: Here are 3 hot innovations from companies that CyberProof loves to partner with – companies offering cutting-edge, next-generation cybersecurity solutions that you really won’t want to miss. 

Continuous Threat Intelligence from IntSights 

IntSights threat data collection and analytics software uses intelligence sourcing and gathering methods to anticipate and mitigate the threats targeting an organization – mining data from the surface, deep, and dark web to provide tailored, highly relevant information and actionable intelligence. Crawling and monitoring tens of thousands of sources, IntSights’ fully automated platform delivers early warning and preemptive alerts and tackles the more dangerous threats, uncovering surveillance attempts in their early stages and providing tools to deflect harmful attacks with a proactive approach to defense designed to weaken the motivation of hackers, who prefer to pursue easier targets.  

IntSights analyzes mined data using sophisticated algorithms that convert data into automated security action. Providing accelerated threat harvesting, triage, and response, IntSight’s solution enriches IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) with context and relevance – offering companies the powerful threat actor tracking and real-time intelligence they need to avert a cyberattack on an organization’s brand, assets, applications, and people. 

IntSights – founded by veterans of the best cybersecurity and intelligence units in the Israeli military in 2015 – made headlines when it completed a round B of $15 million in December 2017, a mere six months after raising $7.5 million in its first round of financing. The company’s accomplishments this year include receiving the 2017 Tech Innovators Databank Award. In addition, it was the only threat intelligence platform that placed in Black Hat’s Hot 33 Products for 2017.  

Breach & Attack Simulation from Cymulate 

Cymulate’s breach & attack simulation (BAS) platform allows you to assess the security preparedness of your organization – testing its security posture on demand, identifying gaps, and providing in-depth understanding of its real vulnerabilities so that you can effectively safeguard business-critical assets. With comprehensive, multi-vector cybersecurity validation that mimics the many tactics and strategies used by hackers when attacking network security infrastructures, Cymulate allows you to evaluate security from an offensive perspective.  

With Cymulate’s ultra-smart digital simulation platform, you can provide stakeholders with a full situational report 24/7, revealing all the facts about the immediate safety of your organization without risk or impact on your environment or users. The company’s solution leverages data about the latest vulnerabilities – including those derived by Cymulate’s Cyber Research Unit – and monitors attack vectors including email, web browsing, lateral movement, social engineering, data exfiltration, WAF, and more. 

Founded in 2016 by top executives from the Israeli intelligence community with vast expertise in cyber simulation technologies, Cymulate was created in response to the frustration felt by these experts regarding the time and resource inefficiencies they experienced while conducting offensive cybersecurity operations. Cymulate’s platform, designed specifically to shorten the usual testing cycle and speed up time to remediation, recently was named the Gold Winner in the 14th Annual Info Security Product Guide’s 2018 Global Excellence Awards. 

Advanced Persistent Threat Simulation from XM Cyber 

XM Cyber’s fully automated, Advanced Persistent Threat simulation platform, HaXM, exposes the most critical blind spots in an organization using advanced attack techniques that simulate, validate, and remediate every hacker’s path to your critical assets. HaXM is based on the premise that you can only prevent a cyberattack if you can identify the attack vectors that hackers will use – in advance. 

By continuously leveraging offensive methods and identifying attack vectors 24/7, HaXM improves IT hygiene and catches human errors such as misconfigurations, shadow IT, and faulty security practices, as well as addressing security vulnerabilities – providing prioritized, actionable remediation of security gaps. Combining both red team and blue team processes in a continuous, automated loop, HaXM functions as a “purple team” that allows you to act on data-driven decisions so you stay ahead of the bad actors and protect your organization’s critical digital assets. 

XM Cyber has a top team of elite cyber professionals, many of whom came to the company with extensive experience in the Israeli intelligence community – including the company’s Co-Founder and President Tamir Pardo, who is a former Director of the Mossad, the national intelligence agency of Israel. Founded in 2016, XM Cyber recently won the Excellence Award for “Rookie Security Company of the Year” at SC Awards 2018. 

The CyberProof Advantage 

By correlating and fusing diverse sources of internal and external information and leveraging the power of AI and deep learning – CyberProof’s next-generation MSSP platform allows you to take advantage of the compelling benefits of each of these cogent technologies. It empowers you to make that crucial leap from merely collecting cyber data to obtaining highly relevant and actionable cyber intelligence, providing continuous and measurable improvements to response and recovery times to cyberattacks.  

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